About Us

About Us

At River Valley Potatoes we are passionately committed to providing our clients with the best service in the industry. We are owned and operated by André Daigle. His family has been in the potato industry for over three generations and he prides himself in constantly building on his family tradition to only offer potatoes worthy of the Daigle family name. We have established a leading position in the russet potato packing industry by consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations and developing solid relationships.   

Our dedicated team of professionals is at your service to provide answers and solutions that meet your unique needs. Our knowledgeable experts are always accessible and work to meet your timelines, not our own!

Situated in Northwestern New Brunswick, our distribution point is along major shipping routes to efficiently serve Northeastern United States, Québec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada markets.

New Brunswick is widely recognized as an international leader in potato production. Our reputation for excellence is backed by generations of experience, a deep commitment to quality, and the most modern agricultural technologies available. Blessed with the perfect climate and topography for growing potatoes, New Brunswick’s climate is so potato-friendly, it actually enhances the flavour.

Phone: (506) 423-6000

Potatoes New-Brunswick / Pommes de terre Nouveau Brunswick